Monday, November 3, 2008

take my breath away....

some children do that...they stop you dead in your tracks and you gasp...because they are just so beautiful. These children did that to me. The babies of my 1st grader's teacher (mrs. c) ....and I feel so blessed that she asked me to photograph them. Thank you Mrs. C for all that you do every day for my baby, and all the children, and for entrusting your children's memories to me! I truly feel honored.

This family is amazing. Mom and Dad are so warm, relaxed and loving, and the kids were just plain old adorable. They are both so beautiful, with perfect skin and features and eyes as wide and expressive as you could ever imagine. Little Bradley was still to young to really play at 8 months, but Kate....what can you say about Kate...a gorgeous little firecracker! That kids is PURE FUN!!! She was expressive and adorable and I had one of the best sessions ever with them! Now I am addicted and can't wait to have a chance to shoot with them again. Thank you all so much for such a wonderful session...I hope you enjoy your photographs as much as I do!!!!!

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