Thursday, October 30, 2008

a baby brother for c.j.

baby jax, came into the world at the beginning of October to parents Andrea and Brian, and big brother CJ. Big brother CJ, now that is just amazing to me! It seems like only yesterday that CJ was born. Mom was my son's fifth grade teacher, and he came into the world that school year, and I became his "photographer"! Mom is such a wonderful teacher, and gives so much to the kids, that I was anxious to do a really good job for little way to say thank you. Fast forward two years....almost to the day... in between I have captured CJ so many times....first family photos, first birthday, 18 months and boy is he here we are, and my daughter is now in that same class, and low and behold Miss A was having baby #2. Welcome CJ's brother....the perfect little bundle....Jax (Jackson). What an amazing sight to see this growing family together, especially to see CJ with his new loving baby. It's moments like these that take your breath away. Congratulations Andrea, Brian and CJ.........and of course are part of such a wonderful family, and it was my honor to capture your first moments. Jax was only 4 days old in these...and oh so beautiful.

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