Thursday, October 30, 2008

and so on and so on....

Well....I am totally overwhelmed....but in the best way. Things continue to be so busy, and I have had one amazing session after another. These seniors are just fantastic. They have such amazing spirits...personalities....intelligence. I am impressed over and over with their poise, confidence and overall maturity. They have made each of these sessions so fun for me, and I cannot thank them enough for allowing me to take their senior pictures. goes. Meet, Lauren, Molly, Sarah, Mandy, and Jake.

Lauren is so sweet. She was a delight to be with, and has a really fun spirit. Lauren loves music, and just hanging out with her friends...and She is a HUGE Pittsburgh Steelers fan !!! Lauren and her closest friends plan to join me this spring for a BFF session...I can't wait!
Here's Molly!! Irish through and through....can't you tell by her inviting smile and sparkling green eyes!! They were probably the greenest eyes I have ever seen! Anyone who knows my work can attest to the fact that I am obsessed with eyes! They really are the window to the soul, and Molly's are light hearted, sweet and warm. Just like her!
What can I say about Sarah. Isn't she gorgeous. Sarah is so sweet. Beautiful on the inside and out, and you know it the second you meet her! She is another Irish beauty...Dark hair, fair skin and piercing blue eyes ! Just brilliant actually...they jumped right off the screen when I opened her files. WOW! Sarah is a competitive Irish Dancer, which amazes me! One of these days I have to watch!
Hey Jake! Jake is a starting member of Mason's Varsity Football team...and an all-around great guy. A little more on the quit side when you first meet him, but he really opened up a lot as we slogged around downtown Mason with him and my assistant Kirsten. He swears he cannot take a decent picture, and well...I beg to differ. I think his pictures are great, and I hope he does too!!! I can't wait to see what Jake does next year....he is planning on following in his Dad's footsteps and playing some college ball...What a hoot it will be to see him on TV!
Good Luck to all of this week's seniors. I think you are all fabulous, and I hope you had fun taking your senior pics, and LOVE them too!

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