Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Whew......I am staying on track, but boy.....

it's been CRAZY!!! In all good ways of course, but crazy none the less. October is birthday month here at the Hulbert Household. My Emma turned 7 this month and celebrated ROCKSTAR style with her little friends, and Riley, my oldest and only son turned 13 last week. Where has time gone. I went to wake him the other day for school as stopped dead in my tracks when in my head I was thinking "little boy" and in reality, what slept in his bed was a handsome young man. YIKES! Riley celebrated with 15 friends at Dave and Busters and boy was it ever a bash. Riley and Emma...I love you both so much. Happy Birthday!

To add to the if four kids aren't nutty enough, I have been doing 4-5 sessions a week. They have been soooooooo.....much fun, but the work-flow just keeps coming. Blogging has feel slightly behind (sorry guys), but the flip side is the images are fabulous. Here are a few from some of my latest seniors.

This is Joyce....Isn't she beautiful! Joyce is the President of Mason Class of 2009. As of today, she is deciding between two universities....either Yale or Duke. WOW!!! Gorgeous and smart!!!! What a combination. On top of that she is bubbly and lots of fun! A delightful young woman to spend an afternoon photographing! I am so lucky to meet suc great kids!

This is Brenden. Brenden is a senior at Lakota West, and the oldest son of one of my dearest Cinci friends...otherwise known to my littlest ones as Auntie Gail! I love B! His personality just cracks me up....It's fun to sit with him in the stands watching the younger ones swim....It's a hoot to listen to him. Brenden is looking at UK and hoping to swim there!!!! Brenden is on the swim team at Lakota West, and is also on the Mason Manta Ray's where he swims for Coach Ken (Quinn's daddy) below! B also has a flair for the creative....and has participated in numerous theatrical productions over the last years. These kids are just so well rounded!
if Zach doesn't swim in college, perhaps a modeling career is not far behind. He was completely at ease with the just came so naturally! Zach is another amazing kid. Member of the Mason Water Polo and Swim Teams, as well as a Mason Manta Ray ! Zach is another kid I have known over the past 4-5 years and it's been crazy to see these kids go from middle schoolers to getting ready to leave for college. Crazy! Zach is still decided where he intends to go to school, but no doubt it's all great things on the horizon!!!!

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