Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kirst and Em.....the Blip In Time Girls!!!!!!

Kirsten and Emily have been with me for a year now.....working as representatives / spokes models for Blip In Time. You probably recognize their pics, as we have had numerous fun sessions over the year....including the first of my BFF Sessions. Emily joined the group first, and has been a wonderful member of the team. She has been a great advocate, and a darling model. Emily has KILLER BLUE EYES!!! Emily is a member of both the Mason Cross County and Track Teams and a State Level competitor at that (it's a family tradition for Emily!). Emily has helped me out in a number of ways, even assisting during the four bridges swim team photos this summer! what can I say about Kirsten. If I could pick another daughter....she'd be it!!!!! Kirsten is so fun...and such a go getter. She has been another enormous asset to the group and not shy about promoting the studio. We have had a blast working together. Kirsten is the Business Manager for the Chronicle Newspaper, as well as on both the Cross Country and Track teams for Mason HS. In her spare time (haha) she has actually become my regular assistant, trekking along with me during family and senior sessions. My right hand so to speak! I don't know what I'd do without her. are my beautiful girls Kirst and Em....and a little fun stuff we did together as well. They are like Charlies Angels with the blond hair/blue eyed combo...and her dark haired counterpart!

Luv ya both !!!!

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