Friday, November 7, 2008

Sweet baby Colton.....

I love my job! It's like being a to speak. These amazing little babies come in...sweet as can be...beautiful, yummy in every way....they get to visit with me, I hold them, love them and then I send them home. It doesn't get any better than that! Colton was just that...a yummy, sweet little guy with a beautiful family!! They are all so taken with their perfect little miracle! Big brother Gabe is so darling too, and completely in love with his new baby brother. Mom is so happy and then there is that had to be the single most moving thing that I have seen in a while. Dad looked at that little boy with such awe that it was the kind of moment you remember forever. It was such a joy to spend a few hours with this lovely family and soak in some of their joy. Baby Colton was just wonderful...pleasant the entire time....and alert like I haven't seen in a 4 day old in a while. He was awake the entire time (well maybe all but about 10 minutes). Welcome baby Colton...I am so happy to know you and your beautiful family.

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