Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Meet the DeGrofts! All of them......

It's so amazing to see families come together! This is the second "family reunion" of sorts that I have had the privilege of photographing. The last family was large...and close....and this one is no exception. You have the absolutely gorgeous grandparents, their four amazing children, and 12, count'em 12 grandchildren...each more beautiful than the next! They were so fun, happy to be there, and really amazingly cooperative. Those kids definitely get the gold star for behavior. They ALL did that they were asked to do, and we got a lovely family portrait for their grandmother. I have to tell you that is so unusual to get that many kids looking in one direction for a photo and they all did! They made my job much easier. I won't ask what the Mom's and Dad's did to get them to cooperate...perhaps a trip to the whippy dip...I am just going to believe that all 12 were just that great, and get some tips from the parents! So anyway, meet the DeGroft clan...all of them! and thanks to the DeGrofts for entrusting me to this important task. I hope that you enjoy your new family portraits for many years to come!

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