Friday, September 5, 2008

Baby Carlie is HERE !!!!!!

It's finally happened....After what seemed like eternity, Baby Carlie has arrived. My family has been close to Mom Emily for some time now, so this arrival was extra special! Emily was my daughter's swim coach, and was, once upon a time even our babysitter. It's hard to believe that she is now a Mom to this beautiful baby girl. She and her husband Steve were on cloud nine when they came to the studio the other day. Carlie was only 5 days old, and was incredible. Not a peep out of her, and she slept for the vast majority of the session. She made us all smile. She really looks so much like her daddy, but I can see Mommy there to0!

I look forward to seeing Carlie grow over the next year as she is going to participate in our "watch my plan". Look back in about 3 months and see how much she has changed!

Congratulations Emily and Steve. She is perfect and beautiful and I wish you all a lifetime of happiness and good fortune!!!!

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