Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Baby Ellie has finally arrived....

Mom and Dad have waited a very long time for this little one to arrive! Baby Ellie is finally here, and her parents couldn't be more excited. You can just see it on their faces. Ellie was adopted from Taiwan, and visited my studio after only being here in this country less than a few weeks. Boy what a content little girl. One would never imagine that she had just crossed the Atlantic, and was living in a new home...it's like she already knew she belonged in their loving arms. She is so sweet and happy and obviously adjusting amazingly well. Ellie is already showing an interest in being girly...with a strong love of all things PINK! Welcome baby Ellie...may your life be filled with love and happiness.

and thanks to Mom Heather for allowing me to take Ellie's first professional portraits here in the USA!!!!

See Ellie's cute hats ???? (I have lots of little one's wearing similar ones here and on my site)....WELL Mom Heather is actually the designer and creator of these tiny treasures. You can visit her website for beautiful hand knits at: http://www.irviebrownknits.com/ . You will also find Heather locally at craft and holiday shows (that's where I found her!)

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amazing grace said...

AWWWWW!!! she's so beautiful! And I am soooo happy for their family!

love the photos!!!