Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Quinn..........has it really been a year?

Where does time go. I know I always refer to these moments as little blips, but it's when this happens that I am reminded exactly how quickly time flies. Quinn has been my little client since he was just few weeks old. Look to the right on my blog and you will see his cute little baby face in the blue and white hat. It really feels like yesterday that I took that photo, and now look at what a cute little toddler he has become (and incredibly good too...happy and sweet for over two hours)! Two thing have not changed...ONE...he still has the BIGGEST, ROUNDEST beautiful eyes on a little guy and the most expressive little face...and TWO....his parents are completely and absolutely in love with him. It was so fun to watch them together. I am honored in this job to watch these families grow...over time and in numbers. It's what makes it so unique! I truly am blessed. My clients become part of my heart, and it moves me to see Quinn's images, and can't wait to continue to watch him change into a little man! It's really no different than the seniors I have know for a long time...it stops you in your tracks...wow! I have some new siblings coming up soon too, which will I am sure evoke similar emotion, watching my once newborn clients with their newborn little brothers or sisters. It's crazy really. Just ask about the little blips baby plan if you have a new one coming, or know someone that will want to chronicle the first year of their baby's life. It's such a treasure! Happy Birthday Quinn!!!!!!! You are the ultimate cutie pattotie!!!!

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