Saturday, July 12, 2008

This has been such an exciting summer....

Busy is an understatement.. Four kids alone is enough to keep you moving, but add a business to that, and an interest in having summer fun....well you start running at a crazy pace. No regrets has been so fun. Every session has been amazing start to finish. I am proofing a few now and can't wait to post some new pics....the kids are having a blast with tons of time in activities and at the pool just hanging...and to add to the confusion/excitement, I took my oldest daughter to the Olympic Swimming Trials in Omaha last week. It was the most amazing experience, and I will ALWAYS look back on that trip as such a highlight! Katie and I enjoyed our time together and were inspired by all that was Olympic. We enjoyed seeing Old Friends (coaches and swimmers from our hometown back in California), current friends and teammates, camp counselors and name it. WOW! Now that we are back though, it business as usual. I am busier than ever with sessions and just feeling good to be back in the groove! I will share a couple of trials pics here, and look back because I will definitely have many more session photos to share over the next week or two!
This last shot is of my oldest daugher. A quick portrait so to speak. Omaha was a photographers dream...lots of unspoiled historic structures, cool colors, and textures. I was in heaven.

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