Saturday, May 24, 2008

What a great family!

I was so incredibly lucky to be able to shoot this family. They contacted me last year with the idea that they wanted to do an extended family photo for grandma, who is building a new home in the area. ALL THE KIDS AND GRANDKIDS...9 in all! What an amazing gift. Anyone that works with larger groups, especially with kids involved knows it can be a challenge, but not with this group. In spite of their size, and the fact that there were children involved ranging from Ages 6 to 14...they couldn't have been more cooperative. I was even shocked when I opened the files to see virtually every shoot with ALL the kids looking the right direction. AMAZING. Here is a little look at their session. Thanks to the "Collins" clan for a fun session!

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... CBM ... said...

Where have you been???! Shooting a huge family of 9, apparently. These are great! Love the look they choose too. Nice work Kim!

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