Thursday, September 25, 2008


Well....I always said this kid was going places and that is proving to be true! Jake, son of our good friends right here in Mason, is an aspiring model and actor. About a year ago, I worked with Jake to create his portfolio, and things have gone well for him. So well in fact that he's has moved on to the next level. Jake is auditioning for all kinds of work and is really doing well with his new venture. He came to the studio this week to capture a few new images. These had to be images that had the feel of an advertising promotion, but without text and NO logos allowed. I think we did a good job capturing Jake using his I-Pod, skateboard, surfboard and his cell phone. As always it was lots of fun working with him (and his mom too) and I am very excited to see where this latest opportunity takes him! Thanks to his mom for continuing to consider me as "Jake's Photographer". It's an honor!

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