Sunday, August 31, 2008

Where have 3 months gone?????

This family has truly entered my heart. If you are a blip blog follower you may remember Michelle and Jason's very high risk pregnancy, and my relief filled post and photos of the beautiful newborn baby Reid. All the stuggles are nothing more than a distant memory as baby Reid grows and thrives and is now 3 months old.....and getting more adorable each and every day!!!! I love this kid! He is just so cute and was a smiling little delight at his 3 month session. Mom Michelle and I had a ball playing with him, and until he little just got too pooped out, He was totally into it!!!! A fly on the wall would think that Michelle and I were completely nuts though...lots of silliess!!!! Here is a look at a few of Reid's three month photos....gosh how he has grown...he is even getting a little chubby!!!! Gotta love it!!!!!! Happy 3 month Reid!!!!!!

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