Thursday, May 22, 2008

Finally Here...and PERFECT in every way!!!!!

Meet Reid. My newest and littlest client! Reid is a very special little boy! You might remember his parents from their maternity session a few weeks back (just beautiful). This family is amazing. Mom's pregnancy was very high risk and she was on bed rest for about 4 months!!!! That didn't stop them in anyway for preparing for this little guys arrival. The maternity photos were awesome and I received the call that Reid was born (just a little early) ...healthy and perfect... just moments after his arrival (I even got to see his very first pics...YEAH). I cried. I have never had a little one expected that I was so worried about. It was such a relief and joy to know that he came into the world and was OK...and that Mom and Dad were OK too! I have become very very fond of all of them. You can see from the photos that every one is so happy...even little Reid. He gave me that little smirky smile throughout his entire session...slept the ENTIRE TIME...not matter what we did to him and was as content and content could be.

He is a sneak peek at Reid. About 6 pounds of perfection!

Congratulations Michelle and Jason. I truly could not be happier for your blessings!

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